About Us

Our company is active in the food sector, mainly in seafood and olive oil based in Lisbon, Portugal. Epostratis Lda. main brands are Epos Marine, Epos Olive and Epos Cork. It also has a sales partnership with Kings Bay Seafood from the USA.

Our Brands and Partnerships

We have gathered all our brands and partnerships under one company.

Seafood Products

We as Epos Marine, our know-how in seafood and the comprehensive service we offer allow us to deliver optimal solutions for supply and sales needs at competitive prices.

Olive Oil Products

Epos Olive offers a wide range of products the highest quality and low acidity extra virgin olive oils, sunflower oils and natural soap series from our lands in the northern part of Portugal.

Protect your wine

Portugal is the largest producer of cork in the world and responsible for over 60% of the volume of all exports and has an area of cork oak equivalent to a quarter of that on Earth.


With our long-standing partnership with our import-export partner in North America, we dominate the European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets.


Strategic partner for cold storage

We work with our strategic partner Frigoservice for our frozen and chilled products.

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